GoSpotCheck Headquarters Interior Design

On August 23, 2017, the Denver startup GoSpotCheck moved into a completely new, award-winning building in the heart of lower downtown. As our Creative Director, I was given the opportunity to bring our brand to life throughout the beautiful, 4-story space. This was also a big move for us to come back together as one big team, after having spent almost the full year prior split up between multiple work locations.

I am thankful to have worked with so many people on this full project over the course of months and years. A majority of the photos used to document our work here were taken by environmental photographer, James Florio, © Copyright GoSpotCheck, Inc.

Lessons Learned

A mentor once told me “money isn’t everything, but it begets opportunity.” With this project, I recognize we wouldn’t have been able to do anywhere close to what we accomplished without the proper funding. Yeah, it can be creatively inspiring to work within tight budget constraints. But man, when you’ve got a big budget, that can be extremely creatively empowering! This has been, and probably always will be, one of my favorite projects of all time.


  • Art Direction
  • Branding
  • Environmental
  • Strategy

The Team

  • Tryba Architects [Building Architecture + Interior Design]
  • Pear Workplace Solutions [Furniture + Interior Design]
  • 3didentity [Design + Fabrication]
  • Atlas Sign Co. [Hand-Painted Signage]
  • James Florio [Environmental Photography]
  • Ink Monstr [Vinyl]
  • Scott Listfield [Mural]
  • Scot Lefavor [3 Murals]