Thanx Emerge Stronger Playbooks

Thanx is a SaaS company dedicated to helping brick-and-mortar retailers move into the era of digitization. A majority of our customers at Thanx were heavily affected by COVID-19. And while the retail & restaurant industries were aware that they may one day need to digitize, the impact of COVID-19 brought this need front and center. So we created the Emerge Stronger Playbook, a comprehensive & practical guide for brick-and-mortar retailers on how to come back stronger than ever. I partnered with our VP of Marketing, CEO and other Thanx leaders to bring the robust playbook to life through art direction, graphic design and illustration.


Since its release, the Emerge Stronger Playbook has been one of the most downloaded pieces of gated content for Thanx, generating almost constant MQLs. The piece was also our first public test of some brand refresh elements we’d been exploring, including our new illustration direction.


  • Art Direction
  • Branding
  • Illustration