Thanx Digital Flywheel Event Booth

After the year that was 2020, 2021 was a crucial return to events. For customer engagement platform, Thanx, I was tasked with creating an intriguing, exciting and attention-grabbing event booth to reintroduce us back to that world.

On top of that, we had a number of team members out for a full quarter, so I was shouldering a lot of what would have otherwise been handled by them: shipping, registration, sponsor relations, logistics, etc. This, on top of creative development and execution, was a TON of work — but all came together in the end for an awesome, and effective, event presence.

Lessons Learned

Always under promise and over deliver. While I was ready to tackle my usual responsibilities in design & creative vendor management for our booth, I sincerely under estimated the amount of work that goes into every other aspect of participating successfully at an industry event. As mentioned above, my team members who would normally handle everything else were both out for 3 months, at the same time. If I were to do this project again, I would aim to get everything done 4+ weeks in advance to better account for all of the last minute, misc. event to-do’s.


In the 2021 event season, our booth was the “most successful booth setup Thanx has ever had,” in the words of one of our enterprise sales leads. Across all of our trade shows utilizing this setup, we hit our set targets for number of conversations, as well as hitting our goals for number of qualified leads generated. We were also well under budget – generating the same, or more, interest than our competitors with booths that cost 5-20x more than ours.


  • Branding
  • Art Direction
  • Environmental


  • Thanx Marketing & Leadership Teams
  • Heather Crank [Animation]
  • Harmonic Media [Printing]