GoSpotCheck Brand Refresh

GoSpotCheck is a high-growth, B2B SaaS business out of Denver, CO. In 2018, we needed to update the brand to better resonate with enterprise-level customers and unify product + brand. I led creative, managing both internal + external teams to elevate the brand without losing hard-earned brand equity. I also executed on design for some of the smallest projects like our banner ads, and the biggest like our sub brand identities.

Lessons Learned

This brand refresh was a big one for us. We’d done smaller updates in the past, but nothing as monumental as this (which also naturally happens the bigger your company grows). The biggest thing I learned was that you can’t do it all. No matter how well you plan & communicate, there’s simply not enough time to do one huge reveal.

So instead, we prioritized assets based on a matrix of audience impact, market visibility, cost, and level of effort. This meant projects like our marketing website & logo updates came first, and less frequented assets, like a one-pager template, came later on.


With any brand-centric project, there are successes you can measure, and some you simply can’t. Externally, we saw a tangible increase in our inbound leads on the website. Internally, employees had a much better sense of pride, understanding and consistency when using the brand. And for my brand design team, we had clarity and more focus in who we were and how that should be conveyed.


  • Art Direction
  • Branding
  • Strategy

The Team

  • Studio Mast [Lead Art Direction + Design]
  • Nicole Askari [Design]
  • Naomi Paskowitz [Design + Illustration]
  • Ryan Burney [Design + Dev]