Field Days 2018

2018 brought another year for the annual GoSpotCheck user conference, Field Days. In what was its third iteration, the theme was “Level Up” and so that’s what we brought to life. The entire Field Days sub brand was given new life. We partnered with branding experts, Studio Mast, who led design and execution.

Lessons Learned

Main lesson on this project: it is always possible to do more with less. We were fortunate to have a decent budget, but it was not unlimited. So we spent our dollars on solid brand and identity work, and got creative with execution in the materials we used and various ways in which we activated the physical spaces.


The event ended up being just shy of the attendance goal, but was the best GSC user conference to date, with raving customer feedback. My team hit every deadline and stayed under budget.


  • Art Direction
  • Environmental
  • Strategy

The Team

  • Studio Mast [Lead Art Direction + Design]
  • Nicole Askari [Design], Naomi Paskowitz [Design + Illustration], Ryan Burney [Design + Dev]
  • Friends & Lovers Photography [Photography]
  • Chris Barron [Videography]
  • Harmonic Media [Production]